Fix Flow Skin-Comments


28 August 2005

Hans – at 20:09

testing comments

With at least Firefox 1.0.4 on linux the theme does strange things with the action links in the left menu bar. All action links seem to have a a line break added before and after. So for example if you add a new link you get the link, then the next line you get the "?". The default menu with the "Main.Sidebar (Edit)" ends up with "Edit" on it's own line and the next ")" on the following line, ie three lines altogether.

Any ideas how to fix this since I otherwise really like this theme!

This is not a bug, but normal behaviour. Every link does take the whole sidebar width. This makes it possible to see a button-like effect when rolling your mouse over, i.e the background of the line changes colour. I designed it that way. Links with question marks are links to pages which do not exist yet, so once you created the page the question mark (and the extra line it is on) disappears. The SideBar - edit links are two links on one line in the pmwiki default skin, but gets treated by FixFlow as two links on two lines. I avoid such double links by writing [[Main/SideBar?action=edit| Edit SideBar]], i.e leave out one link. ~Hans