Expanding Menus

Development of the menu list

The following elements are supported as styled in the Side Bar:

  • Header1 (!)
  • Unordered list (*)
  • Second level unordered list (**)
  • Text

Using second level list elements

A list with second level elements will display the page links as indented from the left in a smaller font-size.

Using conditional display of group menu items

Embracing selected list elements in an (:if match ^Groupname\. :) ... (:if:) conditional directive will display these only if the page belongs to the specified group. Most useful to hide second level list elements when not in their group. The sidebar menu must be structured in groups, so that secondary elements point to pages in a group, and an index page link appears at the top. That gives the effect of opening up the group links when clicked on the index page link.

Example from the Main/SideBar

 *[[Gemini/Gemini]] (:if group Gemini:)
 **[[Gemini/SidebarList]] (:if:)
 *[[GroupOne/GroupOne]] (:if group GroupOne:)
 **[[GroupOne/Page3]] (:if:)
 *[[GroupTwo/GroupTwo]] (:if group GroupTwo:)
 **[[GroupTwo/Page6]] (:if:)