Website Design Services

I offer website design, development and maintenance services for individuals, small businesses and organisations.

My speciality is creating websites based on PmWiki, which is a simple and powerful system that allows anyone with a web browser to create and edit web pages, add pictures and easily incorporate forms into their website, from simple comment boxes to complex calendars and forums.

Such websites can combine an attractive appearance with excellent functionality and ease of navigation. After initial setup they can be easily extended and maintained without special knowledge of html coding or use of FTP connection for uploading pages. They lend themselves to collaborative site development, with ways of providing simple or complex site security if required.

The look and functionality of a pmwiki site can be customised to a very high degree. Many different skins are available to choose from, and site visitors can be given the opportunity to customize their web experience by choosing different colours, fonts or font sizes, with their preferences stored in cookies on their computer.

Links and buttons that help authors edit pages can be hidden from public site visitors to give the site the overall appearance of a traditional html site, or they can be included in page headers or footers to allow readers to contribute to the site's content.