Site Options and Pricing

There are several ways I can help you create a new web site or transform all or part of an existing site into a wiki site that you can easily maintain yourself, and that allows members of your organisation to work on projects collaboratively. Which option you choose will depend on a balance between what you need, how much you can afford, and how much expertise you or your members have in site administration.

Basic Wiki Site Option:

I can install the PmWiki software on a server in a basic configuration of your choice. You will have a functioning basic wiki site, ready for you to add pages and content. You or your group's members can create new pages, or transfer text and pictures from your existing site onto new wiki pages you create yourselves.

New site installation

If you do not have a host server or domain name, I can help obtain these for you. My fee will be £170, which will include installing the basic wiki software, one year of hosting fees, and domain name registration costs. I will set up your site on a Green hosting server, which uses electricity from renewable energy sources. At present I use Recurring annual costs for admin, hosting and domain name fees will be £60. This may be higher if heavy site traffic is expected.

Wikifying an existing site

If you already have a host server and domain name, I can install the wiki software in a basic configuration on your server for all or part of your site for a fee of £70. There will be no recurring annual costs, since you already pay them to your web host service provider.

Adding email addresses

Adding email boxes under your domain name or configuring email redirections: £10 per email address setup cost.

Custom Wiki Site Option:

Adapting the basic wiki site option to your specific needs will incur extra costs in addition to the basic site cost:

  • Skin customisation, changes in colours, background images etc. From £30.
  • Custom logo. £30-60 depending on artwork required.

Please enquire for detailed estimates.

Wiki Extras:

If you want additional wiki features on your site, I can include any of the following add-ons to the basic or customised wiki options for an additional fee:

  • Email message form (as below): £20
  • Comment form: from £20
  • Customised forms for enquiries, simple ordering, feedback, organisational planning etc: please enquire
  • Integration of flash movies, photo galleries, HTML webpages: from £20
  • PmWiki is a highly customisable software and has hundreds of add-on scripts for all kinds of purposes. Please let me know what you would like on your site, and I advise you of the possibilities.

Content Creation:

If you want me to create your web pages or transfer information from your existing web pages to wiki pages, I would be happy to do so.

  • Text only: from £10 per page with text you supply, depending on complexity of formatting
  • Adding graphics to pages: £5 per graphical image you supply

Multi-language Sites

If you require a multi-language site I can provide translation of content and set up integrated multi-language webpages. Please enquire.

Wiki Mentoring:

If you need help learning how to add content and format pages I would be happy to teach you, or to set up an online tutoring course for your members. Please enquire for detailed estimate.

The Works:

Fully customised non-standard non-wiki site designed from scratch. From £300. (Does not include domain name registration and hosting server fees.) Please enquire for detailed estimate.

Do-It-Yourself Method: Free

You can create a new site, or transform your existing site into a collaborative wiki site for free, if you or a member of your organisation has some site administration know-how. Here is how to do it:

  • Download the PmWiki software from
  • Install it on your existing server
  • Choose from a number of skins for looks, including from my own designed Amber skin. See also Cookbook:SkinsGallery
  • Create a wiki website by yourself, using your existing domain name.

Please enquire for detailed estimates:

You can email me at hidden-email:qrfvta1@fbsgsybj.hx?
I am based in the North of Scotland, UK.

I assure you that your email address will only be used for contacting you as part of your enquiry, and never given to third parties or used to send unsolicited mails of any kind.